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Mieko YamazakiMieko Yamazaki

The spaciousness of Minnesota's landscape inspired me to paint. When I came to Minnesota and encountered enormous fields spreading to the horizon and the open sky beyond, I wanted to paint. Growing up in mountainous and overpopulated Japan, I had never seen such a vast plain and immense sky before. Mixed thoughts of infinite space and freedom swept over me. Without any knowledge of painting or visual art at all, but with a strong desire to put lots of colors on white surfaces I started to paint. Since graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2001 with a post-bacalaureat degree, I have been painting in oils with many fortunate discoveries.

about my art

Images spring from inside of me. They float, soar, hover, flit, shine, dive and disappear…. always changing. In a way, each one of them is my mindscape at the moment.

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oil/board, 30 x 24 (inch)

oil/board, 24 x 18 (inch)

Ocean Wind
oil/board, 18 x 24 (inch)

oil/board, 24 x 30 (inch)

Kid Again
oil/board, 36 x 48 (inch)

Passionate Encounter
oil/board, 24 x 30 (inch)

oil/board, 30 x 24 (inch)

Friend or Foe
oil/board, 24 x 28 (inch)


Mieko Yamazaki
Studio C, Homewood Studios
2400 Plymouth Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411


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