Improvised Music at Homewood Studios — The Musicians

Davu Seru

How did you find your way to making this kind of music?  i.e. not only who were your influences, but what other aspects of thinking about the role of art in your life came into play?

Any art form I’ve ever felt drawn to includes elements of freedom and, yeah, control; I don't think of the two as mutually exclusive. That said I’m a jazz drummer and improvising musician. Jazz has been my way to free-improvisation (FI). FI has made me a better listener. Good listeners are essential to jazz.

What is it you feel distinguishes improvised music from other forms of music?

While underlying both is this assumption there’s value in democracy, I still think about the two forms as distinct: jazz cultural commitments have been to the scalar melodic theme, supported by “vertical” harmony, a love of fractions, and swung rhythm. FI is as much freedom-from these things as it is freedom-to.

Outside of this, I don’t know. What’s most important for me in FI is the challenge set forth once I've entered a space, noisemaker in tow, and with time to fill. And in terms of anything approaching doctrine: to avoid wasting time (the audience’s and my own), that big interval between coming and going ought to be treated with a bit of discipline.