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March 30, 2002

New All Peoples' Coffee House

Open Reading & Musical Performances.

The next installment of the New All Peoples' Coffee house reading takes place on Saturday, March 30th at 7 o'clock p.m.

Everybody is invited. Poets, Short Piece Writers, Singers & Musicians, Individuals & Small Groups.

Admission is free (though we ask for a donation if you can make one).

For further information, please contact Rich Bergeron at 612 588-8093 or at rbjbergeron@yahoo.com.

The original All People's Coffee House was once located at the Oak Park Community Center on the Minneapolis North Side. It had been started by Greg Reed and Jerri Alexander in the late 1970s at the old "Oliver House" and moved when the agency got its Oak Park Avenue facility. It has been reborn in the new Homewood Studios Gallery on the corner of Plymouth and Russell Avenues in North Minneapolis.

Future readings: June 29 and September 28, 2002

Rich Bergeron, Jerri Alexander, Debra Stone, Jawhar Hill, George Roberts, Sarah Shannon and Tim Moriarity each read their own work. Twenty five people attended.

Pieces read ranged from political to personal, raising spirited discussion both during and after the formal reading. As always seems the case with the New All People's Coffee House, everyone attending felt a close kinship forming, felt something "sacred' was taking place.

Special note, Jerri Alexander, who helped to found the original All Peoples' Coffee House in the seventies, was in attendance and was honored for her vision and commitment.