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January 2, 2002

New Play Reading

Twin Cities playwright Tom Poole offers a reading of his new screen play, "City Animals."

This reading is a step in developing the play. Audience reaction is an important part of that process.

The reading bgins at 7 o'clock p.m.

Everyone welcome. Admission is free.

From Doug Collins:

Just wanted to let you know my thoughts on last night. I'll try to be brief.

First, reading in Tom's piece was, for the lack of a more original word, fun. It was a funny piece, and everyone did an excellent job. Hopefully, we helped Tom out.

Secondly, the space you have is really a wonder. The amount of care and thought you have put into what was (from what I've heard) a boarded-up storefront shows concern for your neightborhood, and (I'm assuming) a love of hard of hard work. Bravo.

--Doug Collins

From Shirley Venard Diercks:

I was very pleased to be at your fine facility last evening, to partake in a reading of a new screen play by local playwright Tom Poole. The ambiance of the center is most conducive to an artistic endeavor. Art on the walls, simple furnishings, welcoming lighting all contribute to the atmosphere that encourages creativity.

All neighborhoods should be able to claim an establishment of this kind. Windows to the community of artists, looking in and out, as they contemplate their individual talents.

Thank you for the experience and tour of this realized dream.

Best wishes to you and the future dreamers you mentor.

--Shirley Venard Diercks