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December 3, 2020- December 30, 2020


  • prepared scraps of children's clothing prepared scraps of children's clothing
  • beating the cloth scraps in a Hollander beater to make "pulp"
  • preparing the pulp preparing the pulp
  • forming the letters on a felt bedĀ forming the letters on a felt "bed"
  • installing the work installing the work

Inside-Out, our Covid-19 window show series, continues in December with an installation by long-time colleague of Homewood Studios, Robyn Awend.

Robyn Awend

"It Takes Courage..." quote by poet e.e. cummings

handmade paper from clothes

Robyn writes: This installation was created from my children's discarded clothing. These clothes, that challenged gender stereotypes, were deconstructed into scraps, beaten into tiny fibers, and turned into paper pulp. Each letter was hand-crafted to create this piece that speaks to gender identity and the courage it takes to b(come) your truest self, inside and out.

Each of us embraces courage in our own unique way. What does your courage look like

About the Artist:

Robyn Awend is a Minneapolis based arts and curator. Her artwork uses words and word fragments to inspire her prints and mixed media installations, exploring identity through various cultural and societal influences. Awend invites the viewer to get up close to experience the delicate and personal nature of her work, oftentimes creating an interactive component between the artist and viewer. Most recently, Robyn has shared new literary works as part of the 2018 Listen To Your Mother cast, presented at the 2019 First Impressions event at the Minnesota Center Book Arts and was part of the Night of Jewish Storytelling event in 2020. Awend holds a BFA from the University of Arizona and an MFA from the University of Dallas. She is a founding member of Form+Content Gallery in Minneapolis, a long standing board member of Rimon:The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council and an active member at the Minnesota Center of Book Arts.

Note: If you are planning to drive by Homewood Studios to view the installation, Robyn suggests you take a photo of yourself in front of the installation and post it on our Facebook page with your own statement of practicing courage to be your truest self.