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November 7, 2020- November 24, 2020

BRIDGING THE RIFT (9th annual resident artists show)


Continuing our Inside-Out window show series...

THE HEART IS A BRIDGE When you take out the knife of anger and mistrust that is pointed at your heart, your heart becomes a bridge. If you can undo attachment, craving and fear, you begin to see the other shore, the shore of liberation. [Thich Nhat Hahn]

So many of our conversations and discussions today begin with “In these uncertain times...” And they are, uncertain, for a whole raft of reasons – economic, political, health and medical, environmental, social, and historical. We have been wondering, in our studios as we work and in conversation with each other, “What is the artist’s responsibility in the light of these realities, these vexing complexities?”

As we shared examples of the artwork we intended to show and then considered a name for this, our 9th annual exhibit together, we looked at two major themes, one centered on the idea of Covid-19’s impact on the way we live – Alone Together, Reaching Out from Solitude, and the other – Bridges, Bridging the Gap, Bridging the Distance. In the end we decided on the final show title both for the alliterative repetition of the ri sound and to the highlight our shared belief many of the challenges we face are construed as disagreements, as rifts, which will be healed if only we are able to view these issues as common challenges rather than as points of opposition.

It is often said Art Builds Bridges. That is the artist’s work, to take a look at the world, to see it in a fresh or original way, then to lead others to the understanding that each time we look, it is a first time, each time we enter into a conversation, it the first time. While each of us at Homewood Studios is committed to a specific way of expressing what we see, all of us share in the desire for our work to be transformative, to create bridges.

Resident artist Jack Mader has prepared a small website of our show. To view images of all the the work being presented and to read the artists' statements, please go to https://bridgingtherift.myportfolio.com/

••• Zoom Artists Talk - Thursday, November 12th beginning at 7pm

••• Walk-up Meet and Greet the Artists - Saturday, November 14th from 2pm to 4pm (hot chocolate provided)