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August 12, 2020- August 31, 2020



The next in our series of Covid-19 Inside-Out window shows features the letterpress work of George Roberts, one of our resident artists at Homewood Studios. Of this selection of his work, Roberts writes: Since 2006 I have been asking my neighbors what they want…not a Mercedes or to win the lottery…but what they want for our community. Through conversation we shape their desires for a livable community into a short phrase suitable for printing on a broadside. I then design and print the broadside, using my hundred-year old presses, in an edition of twenty or twenty-one, giving the first print to my collaborator/neighbor. Some of the broadside are dated by their content, others timeless their sensibilities, but overall these thoughtful insights show how much like everyone else we Northsiders are. We want those things, often denied us in the past, which build and sustain community.