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June 25, 2020- July 16, 2020

MADALINA KELNER: Behind the Veil

The second of our Inside-Out Summer of Covid-19 window shows, Behind the Veil, introduces the photography work of Madalina Kelner, recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth School of Fine Arts and graduate of Perpich High School for the Arts, to our Homewood Studios audience.

About this impressive, ground-breaking and moving series of photographs, Madalina writes:

If you are a member of a marginalized group, you often feel the presence of a veil between you and the rest of society. There are people who cannot relate to you and there are times you feel seen but not heard. Sound is drowned out as if you are behind glass or underwater, but your lifestyle and/or physical traits are fascinating enough for people to look at you and ask questions uninvited. I created a way to make this elusive veil tangible by working with models who represented their respective marginalized groups. Each person freely manipulated sheer fabric underwater with one or both of their hands while I took photographs. Some of the models felt the veil was heavier and more opaque, while others felt it was lighter and more transparent. The varying opacities of fabric within the collection communicates the societal impact the model feels. Many political and social issues still stand in the way of mutual understanding, separating minority groups from majority groups. As an adopted artist with disabilities, I know the veil still exists and needs to be lifted, but first, it must be addressed. The individuals that modeled, regardless of how strong a presence the veil has on them are proud of who they are and what they have accomplished so far in their lives.

As a way of experimenting with the demands of the Covid-19 virus, two semi-public events are included in the planning for this show. The first, in place of an opening reception, Madalina will host a Zoom opening* on Thursday, June 25th, from the gallery beginning at 7pm and going for an hour. The second event, "Meet the Artist," on Sunday, June 28th from 1pm to 4pm, will give visitors strolling by the show the opportunity to meet and talk with Madalina. She will be outside the gallery, wearing a mask and keeping social distance, to chat with anyone who comes by. (In case of inclement weather, this event will move to Sunday, July 5, the same hours.)

*The Zoom link for for Madalina's opening will be on her website madalinak.com/galleries on June 25th.

From Mike Hazard:

Tressa and I much enjoy your pictures.



From Molly Koletz:

Very impressive installation with a timely message!

From Madalina Kelner:

Behind The Veil Reflection

Homewood Studios offered artists a wonderful opportunity to display artwork in the windows of the gallery. Behind The Veil was featured in the Inside Out Window Shows from June 25-July 16, 2020. This opportunity helped me grow as an artist and gain experience with gallery etiquette, grant applications, branding and marketing. Throughout my process of developing the show, I graciously received a grant covering the printing and promotional materials needed to present my work. Taking place so soon after college, the financial support from the YALA Mini Grant program helped tremendously. I grew as an artist and community member by collaborating with others, inventing new ways to make the gallery space and show successful. Artistic Director George Roberts created an innovative way to display the prints safely in the windows, and for that I am truly grateful. Both of us worked together creating memorable and rich experiences for the window show attendees. I developed a successful zoom gallery opening and held a Meet the Artist event, that took place on the sidewalk outside the gallery. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunities George provided me in his gallery space. Being part of something so grand allowed me to spread my branches as a new professional artist. My goal was to make the gallery show everything I could. I shared the event information on several platforms within the Jewish and public community, even receiving recognition on MPR Art Hounds. In addition, George afforded me the opportunity to use the gallery space to host an online field trip and art class with ArtSeed, a nonprofit located in San Francisco, California. The art class followed a lesson plan, I created, mirroring the topic of my gallery. Behind The Veil focuses on marginalized communities that are veiled and separated from the rest of society. My show took place shortly after the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder, bearing a ton of weight atop the subject that my collection of photos already addressed. A series of veiled individuals being displayed in the windows of Homewood Studios was a rather cathartic event for many, including myself. It was a show that sadly became even more relevant to its community members. I felt a responsibility to stay humble and not give up on making the voices of marginalized individuals louder. I was elated when I received great positive reactions and support from the community.