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June 1, 2020- June 23, 2020

BILL JETER ‘INDELIBLE’-Not To Be Erased Or Forgotten.

In this, the first of our Covid-19 summer window show series, Inside-Out, we offer new work by Homewood Studios resident artist, Bill Jeter. About this new body of work, he writes:

The displayed images are taken from photographs I shot in the 1980s and 1990s at the Juneteenth and Rondo Days celebrations in the Twin Cities. I used digital technology to creatively transform them into lithography plates that I printed with oil inks and cotton papers on a printing press that I secured through a 2019 Metropolitan Regional Arts Grant. This process is very durable and resistant to fading and aging. The ink color choices are meant to convey a sense of monument and importance; a sense of the past, into the present, and towards the future.

This exhibition is made possible through the McKnight Foundation and the Next Step Fund Program.

Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment / Metro Regional Arts Council