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January 25, 2020

BE HEARD Poetry Slam

What is BeE HEARD? Be Heard is an annual program that identifies six Minnesota youth poets between the ages of 13-19 years old to represent the state in the international Brave New Voices youth poetry slam festival. Be Heard advances literacy levels and leadership skills of participants through cohort specific writing & performance workshops, community engagement activities and specialized trainings for participants.

The team of six youth poets are identified through a series of competitions that occur in three tiers: preliminary bouts, semi-final bouts and the final round of competition. Following the identification of the team, the youth enter into the Be Heard team and cohort, traveling to Brave New Voices, speaking and presenting at local events and more through the remainder of the calendar year.

What is a Poetry Slam? A poetry slam is a competitive event in which poets share their poems in front of an audience. Five audience members are selected to judge the content and performance of each poem by attributing a score via a scale of 1-10. Traditionally, poets win money, a trophy, gift cards or other prizes. However, the Be Heard competition does not distribute any sort of prize, rather an opportunity to represent MN at Brave New Voices.

Saturday, January 25th, beginning at 7p.m. Free and open.