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October 5, 2019- October 24, 2019

Weave of Love - Tressa Sularz (Fiber Art) & Mike Hazard (Camera Works)

After attending shows at Homewood Studios for years, a couple of long-time friends, artists Tressa Sularz and Mike Hazard, have finally gotten around to having a show of their own in our gallery. The artists write about their work:

Weave of Love is an exhibition featuring two artists, Tressa Sularz and Mike Hazard. Tressa makes fiber art. Mike makes camera works. They are happily married and live a good life making things. Art and life intertwine.

“When I weave, I weave love into every piece,” says Tressa.

“All my pictures are love stories,” says Mike.

"Soft" Opening - Saturday, October 5th from 1pm to 4pm

Gallery Talk & Poetry Reading - Tuesday, October 8th beginning at 7pm

Closing Reception - Sunday, October 20th from noon to 2pm

To learn more about these artists, visit their websites. Tressa: tressasularz.com and Mike: thecie.org