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December 1, 2019- December 31, 2019


Recently Neal Cuthbert, (Homewood Studios Permanent Guest Curator), Bill Jeter, (Homewood Studios Resident Artist), and george roberts, (gallery owner and resident artist), sat around talking about Godzilla. Neal had been thinking for a while about mounting a show. Some of the topics tossed around include: • the early Godzillia films shot in Japan were a response to the dawning of the nuclear age, to the possibility of horrendous destruction, the unknown dangers of radio active elements, radioactivity, fallout, etc. • the creative use of scale models to accommodate the “man in the godzilla suit” • each of us told our story of first meeting Godzilla in the movie theaters and what curiosity, what fear, what comfort, and what confusion we carried away from those experiences. The notion of presenting a gallery show around these issues began to surface. We kicked it around a bit more and finally said, “Sure. Let’s do it.” And now, here it is, My Friend, Godzilla, the gallery show.

Mi>"Soft" opening - Friday, December 6th from 1pm to 6pm.

Opening Reception- Friday, December 13th from 6pm to 9pm

Puppet making for Children 2pm to 4pm Saturday, December 14th

Gallery Talk - date to be announced