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May 7, 2019- May 29, 2019

PEYTON SCOTT RUSSELL: Alphabetical Graphology 2

Fresh from his very successful show at WallWorks Galleryin New York City, Peyton brings a whole new body of his work - graffiti-inspired explorations of the act and history of writing - to our gallery.

Another life-long Northsider, committed to using art to make a difference in his community, Peyton Scott Russell, as far back as his days at North Community High School, was mesmerized by the graphic qualities of lettering. He was among the early experimenters with graffiti writing, eventually founding Juxtaposition Arts with two of his college friends, and more recently SPRAYFINGER, a program for kids focusing on the advancement and development of graffiti art and its aesthetics as an educational program.

Throughout these years of working intensely with young people, Peyton has continued to grow and develop as a premier graffiti artist as well. His new work veritably jumps off the wall at you. Please plan to come by the show and be amazed.

Opening Reception - Saturday, May 11th, 5pm to 8pm

Gallery Talk - Saturday May 25th, from 3pm to 5pm