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February 12, 2019

UNTEATHER featuring Craig Harris

Craig Harris is the Artistic Director of Interference Arts, and is a composer, performer, writer and producer. Harris creates multimedia dramatic stage works, interactive sculptural environments, and creative story spaces. Our Permanent Guest Curator, Neal Cuthbert, has known Harris for several years and has encouraged him to create a series of solo performances. Each of these one-hour performances will feature Craig on his keyboard sampler playing a variety of his compositions, improvising, and possibly developing a piece that gets created using sampled/created sounds at the event.

Avout this performance, Neal writes: Craig R Harris launches his 4-concert series of solo keyboard-based performances on February 12, 2019 at 7:00PM. Craig will be revisiting music he has created for dance and theater shows throughout his career – revitalizing it, creating new work based on raw materials from these shows, and presenting new compositions currently in development.

Harris’s multimedia stage work, interactive sculptures and creative story spaces have been experienced by Twin Cities audiences on stages for dance and theater for many years. This series is a rare opportunity to experience his music in concert form.

The series theme, Untether, represents both the artist and audience being “released from tether” to explore musical and emotional terrain together in non-traditional and unexpected ways.

This inaugural concert includes his keyboard suite GONE, an ‘emotion gallery’ originally created for the dance theater company Off Leash Area; and ON THE HILL, an abstract improvisation based on Rita Dove's poem The Hill Has Something to Say.

The Untether series is comprised of four concerts in 2019, presented on February 12, May 14, September 10 and November 12 all at 7 p.m. at Homewood Studios. These events are free and open. Each will begin at 7pm. Everyone welcome.