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October 17, 2018- November 2, 2018

LORETTA BEBEAU: Coming Together

Longtime friend of Homewood Studios, Loretta Bebeau has her first show in our gallery. Coming Together is a body of new work Loretta has been working on for quite some time.

She writes about her work: For the past seven years I've been collecting languages from people that I meet, people living here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I have included two Native languages because I know several Native people and they are the originals of this region. But importantly, I have found nine African languages. (My first job in the Twin Cities was at Hallie Q. Brown Center in 1970.) I started with 27 languages and the project grew as I showed the work. New languages appeared when new people saw the paintings. I have Turkish, Arabic, Yiddish, many European languages and many Asian languages. This project attempts to express the energy of several people working together. The common word is HEALTH. This becomes a cheer of positive wishes when spoken together. It has been a project of learning and growing.

Closing Party - Friday, November 2nd from 7pm to 9pm