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August 2, 2018- September 1, 2018

MICHAEL SOMMERS: Painting & Sculpture

Yes, that Michael Sommers. Our Permanent Guest Curator, Neal Cuthbert, has been in long conversation with his friend Michael who, in addition to being one of the visionaries and co-founders of Open Eye Figure Theater, also works in the visual arts - painting, print making and sculpture. Neal and Michael have selected work from Michael's long (and quiet) history as a visual artist and are ready to invite our community to view it.

Opening Reception - Friday, August 3rd from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk - Wednesday, August 8th beginning at 7pm

Neal Cuthbert, our Permanent Guest Curator, did himself proud with this show. He spent several hours visiting Michael's studio, discussing and selecting work for viewing. And Michael, whom we know as a protean "theater guy," introduced us to a whole new side of himself...the adventuresome and risk-taking visual artist.

The show was full of surprises, full of unexpected turns of thought and inspiration. Michael is a superb maker, adept at turninig his imagination into sculptures, carvings and drawings that challenge and delight the soul.