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July 10, 2018- July 21, 2018


Some of you regular Homewood Studios patrons know David Ekdahl. He is that talented wood carver of masks and talismans and divinities who has been in three or four shows in our gallery. David recently introduced us to Steven Ekdahl, his brother, also a talented wood worker, through in a decidedly different vein than David.

They have decided to have a gallery show together. David allows he has "lots of new, weird carvings," which always piques our interest. Steven showed us a couple of examples of his work, intricately made tables and shelves.

About his work, Steven writes: I am a retired teacher and media specialist. I walked the woods for many years before starting to notice the shapes and patterns in the wood that was all around me. I have saved wood from a fire pit, discovered wood in the Arizona desert, and stumbled over roots on the ground. Now the wood finds me. I hear the call and follow it.

David has this to say about his point of inspiration: My initial inspiration for teaching myself to carve was to try making my own version of an Australian aboriginal totem. They would stick these in their campsite when they left to inform the next occupants what it was like to live there. That was my jumping off point - now, of course, the whole thing has gotten wildly out of hand. I draw on a mixture of global influences while still trying to inform the next occupant what it was like to live here. Maybe I'm a Midwestern aborigine, but since I live in the modern world, these carvings are my version of an ethno-tribal folk art for the urban village.

The show should be an interesting contrast of two distinct woodworking styles. Please plan to stop by and have a look.

Opening Reception One - Friday, July 13th from 6pm to 9pm

Opening Reception Two - Saturday, July 14th from 2pm to 5pm