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March 1, 2018- March 21, 2018

Art Is My Weapon

For three weeks in March, Homewood Studios gallery will turn in to a “gun shop.” Artists from around the city, and a few from farther away, all concerned with issues of gun violence and gun violence prevention, have been given decommissioned pistols, hand guns, and rifles, purchased from the City of Minneapolis Police Department in a gun by-back program funded by Pillsbury United Communities. This unique exhibition intends to kindle conversation about what we, as a community, might do, besides wringing our hands and shaking our heads, about this deeply serious issue.

Far from ”preaching to the choir,” the show’s intent is to invite gun owners, police officers, 2nd amendment supporters, as well as those interested in more stringent gun control policies into we hope will be a balanced, reasoned, thoughtful, compassionate and spirited consideration of these complex issues. Several of the participating artists will be present for each of the community conversations.

The artwork in the show, our point of departure for discussion, includes painting, photography, sculpture and other 3-dimensional pieces, letterpress work, collage, mixed media pieces and installations.

Opening Reception - Friday, March 9th from 6pm to 9pm

Community Conversation 1 – Tuesday, March 13th, beginning at 7pm

Community Conversation 2 - Tuesday, March 20th, beginning at 3pm