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December 8, 2018- December 22, 2018

Kantar, Hjelmberg & Woldorsky: Hands in Clay


Three terrific potters, connected by teaching ceramics, making their own pots, and their friendship with each other over a career-length span of time, will have the honor of presenting the final show of 2018.

John Kantar. long-time friend of Homewood Studios writes about this show: Back in the 1980s, when I was teaching ceramics students and developing the clay studio at South High, I met both Sarah Hjelmberg and Elaine Woldorsky. Elaine was teaching a night course in ceramics for the South High Community School and Sarah came to South as a student teacher. Over the years our paths have intersected in many good ways and our continued work in clay as teachers and makers has always been the connecting point.I am pleased to have the opportunity to share this show with these two fine artists, teachers, and good friends. I continue to be challenged and delighted by making ordinary objects for use and for pleasure from that magical material, clay.

Opening Reception - Sunday, December 9th from 2pm to 5pm

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, December 11th beginning at 7pm