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June 8, 2018- June 23, 2018

DAN TRAN: New Work - painting and photography

A gentleman, Dan Tran, newly retired and pleased with how his life has worked out, came into our gallery recently and allowed he had been painting since retiring and wondered about a show. We looked at his work and said, "Yes. we'd like to show your work.

About his work, and especially about the work he plans to show in our gallery, Dan writes:

Painting - In the series “Abstract Activism & The Pursuit of Truth”, I use abstract symbols to depict the various ways we fight for truth. Whether the work is dedicated to Socrates and his Socratic method, applying dialogue and reason to all manners of inquiry, or to Malala, the courageous Pakistani girl fighting for the right of all girls to education, I believe my work addresses a threat as relevant today, in the age of mass information, as it was during the Dark Ages, the Ages of the Gulag or that of the Super Race.

Photography - In the series “Primitive”, I produce multilayered photomontages linking our modern-day thoughts and actions with age-old instincts and modes of behavior of our species, whether it's the need to believe in the existence and immortality of the soul, the struggle to affirm our individuality under pressure from the tribe, or our subliminal subjugation to our desires.

Opening Reception- Friday, June 8th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk- Saturday, June 16th beginning at 2pm