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November 3, 2017- November 28, 2017

NOTICE: 6th Annual Homewood Studios Resident Artists Show


Bill Jeter • Brooke Kepros • Julie Landsman • Jack Mader • Linda Maylish • George Roberts • Kristen Treuting • Mieko Yamazaki

After a couple of rounds of conversation, the eight Homewood Studios resident artists have selected a theme for this year's group show - NOTICE.

As in past years, we will present work completed since our show last year. Also as in past years, our studios will be open for all events.

In addition, this year's show will include a look back at the collaborations some of us have made with each other since we became a little arts sangha in 2011.

As usual, expect drawing and painting, photography and sculptural objects, carved and embellished gourds, letterpress printing and handmade books...and look for a special section of pieces some of our artists have made for a local show, Art Is My Weapon, sponsored by Pillsbury United Communities.

Opening Reception - Friday, November 10th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, November 14th beginning at 7pm

Publication Reading - George Roberts' More Short Talks at 2pm on Saturday, November 18th

Closing Party - Tuesday, November 28th from 3pm to 6pm