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August 11, 2001

College Send Off

Members of the Northside community will honor college bound 2001 graduates from North Community and Patrick Henry high schools and will offer continuing support as our best go off on the next step in their journey.

This is the first event of a planned series of support events for our college bound young people.

Any adult interested in joining our group will be welcome.

Saturday, August 11, from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the Homewood Studios Gallery.

For more information, please call 612 5887-0230.

Perhaps we got a late start. Perhaps notifying college-bound kids by postcard that we wanted to fete them was the wrong approach...

A dozen community folk, including a recent graduate of North High, college and high school teachers and committed neighbors, showed up to be supportive. Two graduates and their mothers came to the event.

We all talked with them for the full two hours. They were appreciative and thankful, called our concern amazingly supportive. The tone of the day was wonderful for all. In short, the idea seems to work, we just need to get more people involved.

Our committee will meet in two weeks to plan follow up and to discuss how to continue.