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October 4, 2017- October 28, 2017

Healing HeARTs: Art Through Activism a Year of Pop-up's

As a response to issues of social and racial injustice in our local and broader communities, we turn toward hope and change through art making.

Cristina Benz*, Angie Renee and artists from Million Artist Movement have hosted a series of workshops in which community members have come together through writing and ceramic work. The written and ceramic pieces, as well as conversation and insights flowing from these workshops will become the content of our October gallery show.

About the work leading up to this exhibitin, Cristina writes: Healing HeART’s was created after Philando Castille, a St. Paul native, was killed by a police officer in July 2017. Angie Renee and Cristina Benz processed this incident through visual art and decided to take action by inviting the community to come together by creating ceramic hearts of their own. This opened up a space and allowed people of the community to process and discuss what occurred.

Throughout this past year, pop-ups around the community sprang up to provide space for community members to create a heart out of clay. This form of art allowed the community to express racial and social issues that were important to each artist. It was Angie and Cristina’s hope that by coming together to be expressive and creative, that conversations would occur and allow for a safe space to heal as a community.

This show is dedicated to Philando Castille. We hope that through this show, his memory will live on.

(*Note: You may recall Cristina's installation in our spring 2015 show, No Teacher Left Behind.)

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7th from 2pm to 5pm

Community Values Conversation - Compassion on Thursday, October 26th fro 5pm to 6:30. Everyone invited to participate.

Poetry & Prose Reading NorthSide Writers Group Fall Reading w/Healing HeARTs participant guest readers - Saturday, October 28th beginning at 2pm.