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December 1, 2017- December 13, 2017

JOHN KANTAR: Pots, Cairns, and other Markers

Our good friend, the wonderful potter John Kantar, has scheduled another show, his fourth we believe, in our gallery. In the early planning for this show John writes:

I have always tried to share the idea that handmade pots can serve as a conduit for communication between the maker and the user. When the potter handles that magical material, clay, in a personal way, and then after the pottery is transformed and made permanent in extreme heat it carries the the touch of the potter directly to the touch of the user. The form, surface color and texture, the weight and balance, and the overall feel makes the material itself an equal partner in this anonymous communication. This can reinforce our connection to the the world around us in simple and quiet ways.

Pots have served as one of the markers in my life. In thinking about markers I began writing down a few ideas based on individual words that have been markers and that continue to challenge and teach me. The resulting writings and drawings developed organically into my little book, Cairns, which will be introduced as part of this show.

I hope the pots in this show will be well used, and that the drawings and words will also be useful in peoples' lives.

Opening Reception - Sunday, December 3rd from 2pm to 5pm

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, December 5th beginning at 7pm

Closing Event Wednesday, December 13th from 4pm to 7pm