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September 2, 2016- September 21, 2016

JUAN PARKER: But for the Love of God

Juan Parker, North High School Graduate, has been making art as a way of exploring and understanding his life's path since grade school. Significant events, including serious medical issues, have given Juan pause and insight into the meanings of life. His artwork, drawing and painting, are his way of continuing to ask questions, continuing to remain open to what life serves up each day.

In this own artist's statement, Parker writes: My appreciation and interest for art came at about age six when I began to use color crayons, pencils and finger-paints. As I got older I began to illustrate and draw with pen and ink, acrylic paints, oil pastel, color pencils and pastel chalk. I attended college for a few years focusing on improving my artistic talents. I have been commissioned to do several murals and art pieces, participated in art shows and illustrated several children’s books. Art has gotten me through being bullied as a child, the difficult teenage years and as an adult, having congestive heart failure and cancer. Because of my congestive heart failure I became a stay-at-home dad on Social Security Disability. Within the last 12 years I have had numerous hospital stays. I was consequently put on a heart transplant list in the spring of 2015. On Christmas day, December 2015, I received a great gift of a heart transplant. I am part of a fantastic support group of heart transplant recipients. Currently my art work is focusing in the area of my experiences with heart failure, African silhouettes, Native American women and jazz artists.

Opening Reception - Friday, September 9th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, September 13th beginning at 7pm