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July 10, 2015- July 29, 2015

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum (group show)

Beth Bergman • Kathryn Beumer • Carolina Borja • Zulma Davila • Justine Di Fiore • Ellie Kingsbury •Anne Kramer • Ann Meany • Kelly Miner • Joann Perry • Judith Sarah Rae • Laura Mayo • Linda Seebauer Hansen

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum is an opportunity to present our work one year after our debut as a group in Living in the Layers. Since that show felt like a very personal and intense exhibition which culminated in witnessing our growth as a group, we decided to continue and celebrate a certain relief that comes with acknowledging we are already on the right path.

RE: Action ~~ Gathering Momentum is a group exhibition featuring artists who create works through painting, photography, watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and drawing.

Opening Reception - Friday, July 10th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, July 14th beginning at 7pm

A magnetic and almost explosive energy filled the gallery for this show's opening reception. Friends and family of the thirteen artists, plus a clutch of regulars and neighborhood folk, kept the vibe at a high frequency all evening.

By contrasts, the gallery talk was an introspective, intense but contained evening. Questions form the guests evoked thoughtful and sometimes surprising responses from the artists. The conversation revolved around the importance and influence of the Womens' Art Institute the artists attended in the summer of 2014 and how those energies set each on a path of confident self-discovery.