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December 1, 2015- December 30, 2015

GINEVRA EWERS: Quilts ~~ A Family Portrait in Fabric

Ginevra Ewers has been designing and making quilts for enough years that it has become her abiding passion. Most of these colorful (and sometimes dazzling) quilts are in the hands of others, but a selection of them will be collected and hung at Homewood Studios gallery.

Ewers, almost giddy at the thought of her first solo show, says about quilt making, "There are so many ways to look at a quilt, so many ways to design it, so many choices beyond color and pattern."

Opening Reception Friday, Dec 4th from 6pm to 9pm

Gallery Talk Saturday, Dec 12th from 2pm to 4pm

It isn't that often we can say about a show in our gallery, Everyone was moved. In the case of this wonderful quilt show that was the only reaction. Whether a quilter oneself or not - admiration, appreciation, feeling overwhelmed, feeling "cozy" in the presence of so many elegantly designed and executed quilts enlarged everyone's heart.

Of course the quilters in attendance took their admiration to another level and appreciated the hours and hours of time spent planning, experimenting, then actually sewing so many quilts and imbuing each with tender and loving energy.

We look forward, with tingling anticipation, to Ginevra's next show.

From Glenn:

I've seen some of these quilts and would love to be able to be there. Congrats to Gini for bringing this passion to artistry.

From Ginevra Ewers:

Words cannot express my gratitude to George and Bev Roberts and everyone associated with Homewood Studios for this incredible experience. I think of myself as a 'quilter' but after this opportunity to see many of my quilts so beautifully displayed, and the interaction with those attending the show, I'm trying on 'artist'. Thank you for supporting me in so many ways.