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April 9, 2015- May 2, 2015

GeeEm: ARTerial Direction

It is with great pride and pleasure we announce this show. GeeEm is a child of our neighborhood, we have known him since he was a baby. Now he has a child of his own.

GeeEm is a proud graduate of North Community High School. He is an original member of the Walker Arts Center Teen Arts Counsel (WAC TAC), a program designed to get teenagers more involved in the arts in the Twin Cities.

GeeEm holds degrees in music and in film, pursuing music for over fifteen years under the pseudonym General Monk, (hence the name GeeEm). He released his debut album Shaping the Invisible in 2004 and plans to release another album in 2015. Even though his passion for music has never faded, he has chosen to pursue a professional career in another life-long passion, film. A recent film school graduate, he has already taken steps towards his film career. He has worked on a few productions, all the while developing his own projects. In 2014, GeeEm was able to raise funding, through Kickstarter, to produce his independent short film The Under Ground. He plans to produce his second short film but must come up with a new way to raise funds.

ARTerial Direction ~ featuring drawings of Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie ~ is GeeEm's first solo exhibition. The subjects in the show are people in the film industry he highly respects. Most of the profit from the show will go directly to financing his next short film.

Opening Reception - Thursday, April 9th from 6pm to 9pm. Gallery Talk - Tuesday, April 14th beginning at 7pm

Our community turned out in droves to support on of its own. The public reception was flush with well-wishers from the opening minutes until the closing hour. We all seemed quite pleased with ourselves from raising such an interesting, insightful and talented young man. And there was, of course, great interest in the artwork itself...strong appreciation for the fact the images are hand-drawn rather than rendered with some Photoshop kind of technique.