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September 13, 2014

TALKABOUT: Keith Ellison

TalkAbout regulars and new, interested folk, join host Julie Landsman as she welcomes Congressman Keith Ellison to the TalkAbout series to discuss his recent book, My Country T'is of Thee."

The first Muslim to be elected to Congress speaks out about what divides Americans—and what can bring us together. As a former Catholic who converted to Islam, Keith Ellison, is the first Muslim elected to Congress—from a district with fewer than 1 percent Muslims and 11 percent Blacks. With his unique perspective on uniting a disparate community and speaking to a common goal, Ellison takes a provocative look at America and what needs to change to accommodate different races and beliefs.

As is always the case with TalkAbout events, it is not required you read the book before attending. An interest in the topic is sufficient cause for attending.

Conversation begins at 2p.