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January 8, 2015- January 31, 2015


Resident Homewood Studios artist, Julie Landsman (drawing & painting), and her husband, Maury Landsman (photography), team up to present a variety of perspectives in and out and through windows...

With growing awareness over the past ten years Maury has been taking pictures of windows and Julie has been drawing and painting them. Each has been, from time to time, immersed in looking out, looking at, and looking in a window. Occasionally, as this theme developed, their work would revolve around the same image. A kind of dialogue was born.

This show brings together new and old work on this subject and how it repeats itself in cities where they have lived and visited.

Please Note: Special Hours for this show only: Saturday 2p-5p, Wednesday 1p-6p and by appointment with the artists.

Opening Reception - Friday, January 9th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, January 20th beginning at 7p

The Gallery Talk, on a snowy evening when Julie and Maury were concerned no one would show up, turned out to be one of the most stimulating and thought-provoking evenings ever at our gallery.

Ten people in attendance, most artists of one stripe or another, all riffing off Maury's opening statement about how much of his work is intentional and how much he just knows when he has made the image he is working on just right.

From Julie Landsman:

What a gift to have our latest show at Homewood Gallery. The space is lovely, the energy of Beverly and the help from George in hanging the work was superb. It made the whole effort not only worthwhile but a real pleasure. This gallery is a gift and we so appreciate the Roberts presence and support for our work and in our lives.