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October 4, 2013- October 26, 2013


Our friend and neighbor, the accomplished photographer Sarah Sampedro is curating a show for us. She writes:

Social media is a tool to connect, a tool to share life with others. Inadvertently, it can also produce simplified, one-dimensional versions of life. Every day we have the opportunity to compare our lives to the better looking versions of others.

In The Transparent Self, Sidney M. Jourard writes about his study of self-disclosure. He maintains people choose concealment (showing oneself as an enigma rather than allowing others to know one’s true self) rather than openness. He contends concealment leads to sickness, misunderstanding and alienation from self. In her wildly popular book, Daring Greatly, Dr. Brené Brown discusses the need for vulnerability and the human desire to be known and belong. Vulnerability, she says, is the most accurate measure of courage.

In what ways do you share your desire to be known and to belong? Artists exhibiting in the show will venture their responses to this engaging question.

Artists wishing to submit work for inclusion in the show, please click here for further information.

Opening Reception - Friday, October 4th from 7p to 9p

Artists' Discussion / Gallery Talk - Tuesday, October 15th beginning at 7p

Audience Choice Closing Party - Saturday, October 26th from 1p to 4p. Choice award announced at 3:15p.

Rarely, in our experience, has a body of work by several artists evoked such rich and thoughtful comment. All three of the scheduled events - the opening reception, the gallery talk, and the closing party - was replete with deep and reflective conversations engendered by the art.

Due credit goes to Sarah Sampedro for conceiving the idea for the show and for curating it with careful insight and sensitivity.

It is our considered guess there are several on-going conversations in the world right now because of this show. What could be better?