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February 3, 2001

First Saturday

Guest Artists - Michael Walton & Mitchell Williams

3:00 P.M. in the Gallery

First Saturday is an occasional hour of new music performed by young musicians in our community. In October, 2000, jazz singer Nneena Freelon, spoke at Homewood Studios about her work as a musician, the support she received from other artists in the profession, and her commitment to young people through art. In her recent album, soulcall, Ms. Freelon’s original song, "one child at a time," challenges each of us to contribute something of our own passion for art to the children and young adults whose lives and successes we cherish. It is to her generosity and her inspiration that this program is dedicated....Homewood Studios’ celebration of “the positive spirituality in us all...a wake up call for the soul!”* (*Nnenna Freelon, soulcall liner notes, 2000)

For information about First Saturday, or about any Homewood Studios event, please call 612 587-0230.

Our first First Saturday seemed everything we had hoped. About twenty neighborhood folk showed up to support Michael and Mitchell. Many of those attending were musicians or had music in their background, so the level of conversation and support was extraordinary. As often happens, several people made connections, discovering they knew someone or had an experience in common, with others in attendance. Both Michael and Mitchell wished for more time to play more music. So we planned another First Saturdany for April 7, 2001.

Those attending: Robert Belton, Bill Cottman, Bill and Maggie Dexheimer-Farris, Janice and Ade and Joey Porter, Robert and Kim Colbert, Peter Wright (and two friends), Charles Clark, Elfriede Hessleberth, Will Atlas, George and Beverly Roberts.