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June 6, 2014- July 8, 2014

CHARLOTTE SCHULD: Water, Sky, Land: Painting Zen

We met Charlotte at an opening for another show in our gallery. She paints landscapes, usually acrylic on canvas. She prefers "Amplified Realism," which walks the line between Realism and Impressionism and creates strong visual statements with large-sized canvases and triptychs that pull the viewer into the scene, leaving an "I want to be there! feeling.

About this show, Charlotte writes: Working with acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper, my goal is to capture the beauty of nature in place. ~ With intense color, elaborated patterns, and intricate textures, I strive to show the essence of a place caught in time. I have found ordinary passing scenes, when captured in detail and at their best moments, have a staying power. ~ Whether my images are from Minnesota, somewhere else in the U.S., or another country, this world in incredible. ~ The elements of nature have powers that assert themselves visually with a wide range from gentle and healing to violently destructive. Here are the elements of nature I have found, celebrated, and preserved.

Opening Reception is being planned for Friday, June 13th (ignoring superstition) from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, June 17th beginning at 7p

Artists' Workshop "Using a Grid System to Resize Images" is the title of a workshop Charlotte would like to offer for artists on Saturday, June 14th from 1:30p to 3p. For details and registration information, please e-mail George Roberts.

More about Charlotte.

From Jackie Zeigler:

Char is a hard working artist who continually strives to improve her work. She has an amazing eye for detail!

Char brings nature to life.