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August 30, 2013

RICH BERGERON: Book Reading / Signing

Rich Bergeron is a neighbor of Homewood Studios and is known in our community as one of the founders of the All Peoples Coffeehouse Poetry Series in the 1970s, resurrected for a few years in the early decade of this century, in our gallery, as the New All Peoples Coffee House.

Rich has just published two books - a republication of his 1984 book of poetry Where Did the Sunrise Go? and Needle on the Haystack about undercover police agents in the 1960s Navy who are out to take down an huge drug ring in Norfolk Virginia. This is the first book in a series; Rich is working on the second book now.

He will read sections from A Needle on the Haystack. A question and answer period will follow the reading.

Booksiging and conversation will conclude the evening.

If you were not there for this reading, you missed something special. The group was small, but the prose was large. Enticing story. Delicious verisimilitude. Followed by thoughtful conversation with the author.