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November 2, 2012- November 30, 2012


Julie Landsman ~~ Linda Maylish ~~ Bill Jeter ~~ Meiko Yamazaki ~~ Kristin Treuting ~~ Jack Mader ~~ George Roberts


When the seven resident artists of Homewood Studios first talked of a group show for November, the notion of civic engagement emerged as a possible theme. What better focus for our work in the month of national elections? As we began considering our individual work for this show, however, the concept seemed limiting, too narrow. So we pushed on the idea and "Are you aware?" pushed back. The question opened new avenues of possibility for connecting what we do as artists with how we live our lives.

Our show is being curated by Jack Mader, one of our resident artists group, and will feature carved gourds, letterpress printing, photography, painting, sculpture, perhaps some printed poetry.

Opening Reception - Saturday, November 3rd from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, November 20th beginning at 7p