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November 3, 2012

TalkAbout with host, Julie Landsman

TalkAbout welcomes novelist and essayist Jonathan O'Dell to Homewood Studios' gallery to read from his beautiful new novel entitled The Healing, and to discuss his growing up in Mississippi as a white gay male.

The Healing takes place in Mississippi near the time of the Civil War and centers on strong black women and men who were midwives, kitchen workers, field workers and healers. It is a story of redemption and sorrow, love and oppression. And its themes resonate to this day.

A resident of Minneapolis and an open and remarkable speaker, Jonathan will lead us in a conversation about literature, race, writing, story telling and how these themes intersect in our lives. As is always the way with TalkAbout, you do not need to have read the book to attend, only to hold an interest in the subject(s). Bring friends and relatives!

Saturday, November 3rd from 2p to 3:30p