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February 1, 2013- February 20, 2013

Gregory McDaniels ~~ Paul Damon ~~ Michael Conroy


Three painters, three friends. Their first show together at Homewood Studios.

Michael Conroy writes: I began my painting as a watercolorist. My education was somewhat informal, as I studied under a former professor in a basement studio. In 1986 I began painting in oils which became integral to my style.

I use general motifs to represent my subject matter with the idea that abstract art can be combined with conceptual and that conceptual can have many useful and realist parts. In addition relationships between methods of painting occur that suggest ideations of Pop-Art in my work.

Gregory McDaniels writes: I have always enjoyed the experience of being close to nature. Close for me is to interact without paraphernalia i.e., sporting objects, tools, etc. Nature studies increase my knowledge and visualizing abilities which I express in paintings. My appreciation of nature is continuously developing and becoming more complex over time. The prairie and woodlands of Minnesota represent an incredibly diverse system that offers a seemingly endless variety of visual patterns and forms.

Paul Damon writes: I paint oil and watercolor landscapes. I recently traveled to Norway to follow in the footsteps of my favorite painter, Frits Thaulow (1847-1906). He was a Norwegian citizen and an international painter. I visited the places where he lived and worked and brought back many photos to work from. My contribution to the exhibition at Homewood Studios will be paintings of Norway, as influenced by the work of Frits Thaulow.

Opening Reception - Saturday, February 2nd from 1p to 4p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, February 12th beginning at 7p

We have not presented many landscape shows in our thirteen years of existence. This certainly not by intention but simply by happenstance.

Yet, what an interesting, surprising and informative experience Landscape x3 has been for us.

Each of the three exhibiting artists offered a radically different notion of landscape, of their concept of what a painter might do by looking at the landscape, and in fact, varying notions of what the landscape they see actually is.

The exhibition itself made this point quite graphically, and the gallery talk reemphasized it clearly as each artist, in turn, took us into his unique vision.

We are all richer for this show, and we view the landscape around us with different eyes because of it.