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September 1, 2012- September 12, 2012

TWO BIRDS FROM THE EAST: The Art of Leili and Hend

Do artists from the Middle East express themselves differently from Western artists? What is their artistic language? Do they have a specific or unique style? Do they pursue certain issues? What happens when these artists leave home and come to the West? Does their art become more Western? Or does it cling even more to its origins?

The art of Leili Tajadod-Pritschet and Hend Al-Mansour starts us on several conversations about what art is. They bring their artistic traditions from their souls to our physical world to amuse and reflect.

And as an added bonus, Leili's husband, Leo Pritschet, a well-respected photographer, will show three pieces of his work and will have a small portfolio of additional work available for perusal.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 2012. From 6 to 9 PM - 7 pm: Artist's Presentation - 8 pm: Live dance performances of Persia & Arabia