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July 28, 2012- July 29, 2012


Saturday, July 28 (12-6pm) and Sunday, July 29 (1-4pm).

Agnes Fine (1929-2010) came late to the visual arts. A master gardener all her adult life, she began transferring and interpreting her love for, and work with plants and flowers to canvas at age 50. As if making up for lost time, she threw herself into painting with an obsessive abandon; studying, learning, experimenting, and producing a large body of work encompassing everything from her beloved plants and flowers to landscapes. Her work was exhibited in local galleries and in commercial spaces, resulting in a literal drawer full of award ribbons and commendations. As clearly seen in the quality of her work, Agnes was no dilettante. Painting was not a hobby, but rather, stood at the core of her later life.

With the recent passing of her husband, Elliot, well-known and beloved drummer/percussionist, Agnes' remaining paintings, numbering over one hundred, are now in the possession of their son Milo (a musician who performs regularly in our gallery). As a memorial to celebrate her life, the paintings will be offered for sale at Homewood Studios.

In order to get these paintings into peoples' homes, where they truly belong, they will be "priced to sell." Proceeds from the sale will go to the Homewood Studios Children's Scholarship Fund, to insure inner city kids with an interest in the arts are provided the opportunity to nurture that interest with classes at Homewood Studios.

A limited number of Agnes Fine's prints remain from a recent estate sale. Until they are gone, a free print will be given to anyone who purchases one of Agnes' paintings.

And not to overlook Elliot, documents - an LP, CD, double CD and triple CD - featuring his collaborative work in improvised music with Milo, Steve Gnitka, Davu Seru and Jason S. Shapiro will also be available.

A preview will take place from 6 pm to 9 pm on Thursday, July 26th. Paintings may be purchased at this time. Please share this announcement with fellow art center/garden club members, art lovers, and friends.

Cash or checks only. No credit cards please.

From Laura French:

What serendipity that I drove by Homewood Studios today after the north Minneapolis walking tour (and that I learned about the walking tour after seeing the film "Cornerstones" yesterday. I am so privileged to have seen the amazing range and beauty of Agnes Fine's work. They are treasures!