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May 31, 2013- June 22, 2013

LARRY RISSER: The Park: Soul of the City

Our longtime friend from teaching English in the Minneapolis Public Schools, Larry Risser, is a wonderful photographer with a kind, gentle and incisive eye. He has agreed to show some of his photographs for a while in our gallery and we are honored to show them.

Opening Reception - Friday, May 31st from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, June 4th beginning at 7p

This show was one of the best-attended in our fifteen year history, thanks in large part to Larry's extensive contacts list. Many of his friends and acquaintances showed up at the gallery saying, "Larry told me to come."

Another reason, of course, is our love and respect for our parks. In other words, the subject matter of the show attracted viewers in the way orange slices attract orioles.

And then, of course, there is the photographer's eye. It is one thing to point a lens in the direction of an interesting subject and snap the shutter. It is altogether something else to see the image long before putting the camera up to the eye. And this is Larry's strong suit. He uses his camera to show us, remind us, what he as already seen and how unique and important that moment is.

We look forward to another of his shows, at our gallery or some other, in the near future.

From Andy Mason:

Larry, I can hardly wait to see the show tonight!