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March 1, 2013- March 31, 2013

NEAL CUTHBERT: The Mess of It - Crows, Crosses, Detritus

Following his exciting and very well-received show, Some Crows, in 2011, Neal began rummaging through old notebooks, looking at themes and ideas running through his work "for decades" and wondering, "Am I done with crows?"

The result of his ruminations - this new show, which will more than likely contain some crows (because he is still painting them), some old drawings (because they interest him anew), and some as yet unplanned new work as well...all attesting to what he is noticing these days - that there is much work "underneath" the relatively few pieces that ever get into a gallery or see the light of day. This show will set about exploring that notion.

We can't wait.

Opening Reception- Friday, March 8th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, March 19th beginning at 7p

When you are an artist and you have a wonderful gallery show, what do you do for an encore? Well...you have another wonderful show.

Neal's second show in our gallery fulfilled the promise offered in his first show and took us deeper into his artistic mind and vision. We revisited, with him, in the front gallery, his calligraphic and musical crow drawings - each full of everything he had taken out of them. And then, down the hall, we slipped into the recesses of Neal's mind to observe and experience many of the un-crow themes hurdling around inside.

Neal's thoughtful and honest comments during his gallery talk, about what he hope to do and be as an artist, (and what no longer interests him in those terms), offered mindful insights for us all to consider, as did the art itself.

Neal visited the gallery the day before the show closed. At the end of that visit he stood, wistfully, at the door, it seems not wanting to leave. We get it. We didn't want the show to come down either.