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April 6, 2012- April 30, 2012


Frank Big Bear, Jr. ~~ Ernest A. Bryant III -- Angie Caldwell ~~ Kevin Carlisle ~~ Stephen Ittner ~~ Kathleen Nelson ~~ Peyton ~~ Amer Olson ~~ Theresa Scanlon Quigley ~~ Roger Rust -- Jan Thurn ~~ Ker Yang ~~ Nils Westdahl

David Tomlinson taught art at North Community High School in Minneapolis from 1964 to 1994. During those halcyon years, David collected art from a few of his students he thought might go on to become serious artists. Some of these students have continued to pursue their careers in art, while other have followed other paths. In 2009 David suggested an exhibition of this collection, each piece paired with new and current work by those former students, might hold some interest for the North Minneapolis Community. A conversation with Homewood Studios about the show has continued and the exhibition is now going to take place.

Most of these students have been contacted and have expressed strong willingness in participating. Several have written statements about their art experience as North High students and about their current art activity. These texts will appear in the show, along side the work by each artist.

The earliest work is a watercolor painting from 1966. Painting and prints make up the majority of the work displayed.

Opening Reception - Friday, April 6th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Thursday, April 26th beginning at 7p