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May 1, 2012- May 16, 2012

DANIEL KERKHOFF: Sisid, Ecuador - Through the Eyes of its Children

Like his wildly successful show of children's art from Dwinyana, Ghana, this new show features the magical art of children from a far-away culture. After spending nine months in the village of Sisid-Anejo, high in the Andes Mountains in Equador, Daniel will mount a show of the art he taught children to make with local materials.

Children's Art from Sisid-Chico, Ecuador, 2011

Opening Reception - Friday, May 4th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, May 8th beginning at 7p

Concurrent with this show and running through May 30th, Daniel will have a show of his own work, his response to living in Sisid - Neblina at The Warren.

As he taught us with children's art from Ghana, the language young people use in their art is universal. The artwork from Ecuador only verifies these notions. The carefully-made lines of a three years old tell us something about her life, as she sees it. We have to learn read these markings, as we do with older artists. And the children themselves show us the way.

Many thanks for Daniel for a thoughtful and informative show. Where to next?

From Kathleen Malecki:

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I love children's art. Thanks for making it possible.

From Daniel Kerkhoff:

Thank you to everyone for attending the exhibition, the reception and the artist's talk. I appreciate all your thoughtful comments and the wonderful acts of looking and noticing!

I wish to thank the children of Sisid who did the art and who hung out with the tall gringo. Many thanks to George and Beverly as well for their professionalism and hard labors for the gallery and the community and for their friendship!