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November 8, 2011

GHOST STORIES: Five Writers Read Works on Historical Trauma

African-American, Hmong, Japanese-American, Jewish and White Earth Anishinabe writers explore how the stories of their parents, grandparents and historical communities impact the writers' own lives. From the ridiculous to the tragic, the writers examine the legacies of the Holocaust, war, racism and genocide.

The Readers: Carolyn Holbrook, Mai Neng Moua, Margie Newman, Marcie Rendon, Joan Meada Trygg.

Admission: Five dollars includes a chapbook containing work by the five writers. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

The reading will begin at 7p.

For further information contact Mai Neng Moua - mainengmoua@comcast.net or 612 226-6046

We have presented several writers, several readings at Homewood Studios, but we cannot think of another evening so redolent of the deepest longings of the spirit for human connection. These five courageous women, each writing in a unique and powerful voice, carried us all into the dark pools of fear and out again into the light with achingly personal stories of confronting their demons.

The reading was followed with a conversation in which members of the audience, emboldened by the strength of these five woman writers, looked into their own dark pools and opened up to the possibility of seeing, accepting, and finding purpose in their own ghost stories.