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February 23, 2012- March 3, 2012

MARY BOWMAN-CLINE: A Face in the Crowd (ceramic sculpture)

Long-time friend of Homewood Studios, sculptor Mary Bowman-Cline, visits the gallery with new work - sculpture and framed pieces.

About this show, Mary writes, A Face in a Crowd is about the diversity of the human face. Color, shape, lines, expressions and emotions all mold the way our faces look and are seen by others in the world. In this series I have hand built the faces from clay and added them into 12 x 12 inch framed mosaics. The faces come from my subconscious memories of people I know or perhaps from a movie actor or face I have seen in a crowd. Most are wall pieces, some frames are decoupaged to become part of the piece. I use tile, rocks, buttons, old clothing patterns, found objects and faux fur to make them fun and unique.

Also on display, small figures and my "Brick People" - ceramic heads and hands attached to bricks turning them into little abstract figures.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 24th from 5p to 9p [note the earlier than usual start time]

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, February 28th beginning at 7p

All too quickly Mary's work went home. Folks who viewed the show commented extensively about the expressiveness of the faces. We agree. And we had the pleasure, each day the show was up, of looking into those faces for what was hidden and what was revealed there. Our favorites were two small pieces called Sweet Dreams, each an eyes-closed face cradled in a nurturing hand. The feeling the Sweet Dreams pieces give us is the memory we carry away from the whole show - the "faces," the "bathers," the "brick people."

We anticipate Mary's next show, her new work, with heightened expectations.

From Mary Bowman-Cline:

What a wonderful experience it was to have a show at Homewood Studios. It was the most effortless set up of any show I've experienced in twenty four years of exhibitions. George's expertise and insight added rhythm and flow to my thirty-six sculptures.

Everyone who saw the show commented on the gallery and said what a treasure it is. I recommend this gallery if you are an artist, or artist group, looking for an exhibition space.

Thank you Homewood Studios!