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August 14, 2011


Milo Fine: m-drums II (electronics), B flat clarinet (electronics), E flat clarinet Erkki Huovinen: contra-alto clarinet, chromatic harmonica, electric guitar, keyboards Bryce Beverlin II: percussion, voice

L'Editions Lagnaippe (a cajun word meaning an unexpected, but fully prized, extra) is an irregular adjunct to the Improvised Music at Homewood Studios series, curated by and featuring Milo Fine (with a variety of collaborators) under the auspices of George Roberts.

The impetus for this configuration centered on several intersecting elements. Milo and Bryce started working together last year, and given the quality of the resultant music, Milo suggested doing a concert at some point. In the meantime, Erkki completed production work on a double CD -- Nothing Is Not de minimis (Insides Music lesson 84) -- featuring his and Milo's collaborative music, which ultimately found a home on Bryce's label. (This is 44th published document to feature Milo's work, but, hey, other than him, who's counting?)

As Erkki was only marginally familiar with Bryce's playing, and Bryce totally unfamiliar with Erkki's, Milo thought a trio session would be of interest. So, with Bryce and Milo's desire to bring their duo work into a public forum, Bryce's desire in having a CD release concert, and the trio encounter having been most satisfying, the format for this evening more or less created itself. Thus, one duo (Milo/Erkki) will segue into another (Milo/Bryce) and then into a trio; though not necessarily in that order.

The listening begins at 7p. Suggested donation $5.