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May 10, 2011

BLOW-FI: Town of Trade and Culture

Blow-Fi is a video art collaboration co-led by media producer, speech and video artist Ville Kiiski (Helsinki, Finland) and multi-instrumentalist musician Erkki Huovinen (currently visiting professor at the University of Minnesota).

Their working method consists of staging improvised but conceptually connected encounters with artists representing diverse art forms, and editing this material into video works -- sort of 21st century Gesamtkunstwerke. In their movie Town of Trade and Culture (2010), Kiiski and Huovinen apply this concept in a grass-roots exploration of the streets and citizens of a Northern European city. The video grows into a reflection of the shattered mental landscape of postmodern man.

As the director of the movie, Ville Kiiski will be present to give an introduction to the work before its screening. Afterwards, both of the artists will engage the audience in what they hope is a lively discussion on the work, on their spontaneous working methods, and on urban life experience in general.

The event will begin at 7p. Free and open.