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April 1, 2011- April 19, 2011

JILL BRECKENRIDGE: Flowers: Art and Poetry in Counterpoint

"Nobody sees a flower, really-- it is so small... We haven't time, and to see takes time." (Georgia O'Keefe)

Poet and artist, Jill Breckenridge offers, in her first solo show at Homewood Studios, a variety of flowers. In a phone conversation she allowed, "I found this wonderful medium, which is fat watercolor crayons, called Woodys, and I also heighten the color at times with pastels. Usually painters use the watercolor medium and then go over it with water to make watercolors. But I love the strokes of just the bars, and add no water."

The show will consist of twenty dry color washes, each accompanied by a haiku poem written by Breckenridge.

She writes further, about her process:

"First came my obsession with flowers, flowers that I have been painting for over five years. As I painted, the poet in me also gave bloom to words.

I have delighted in combining art and haiku poetry. Each drawing/painting is paired with a poem in the haiku triplet form of 5/7/5 syllables. Some triplets are closer to the senryu, using direct language and humor.

Since these forms are often about nature, color, moods, contrasts, and surprises, they are fitting melodic lines for the flowers."

Opening Reception - Friday, April 1, from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, April 12 beginning at 7p

Sometimes our expectations are exceeded. Jill's Flowers provided a couple of occasions for this happy occasion to occur. The gallery talk was attended by over thirty persons, more by half than our usual gallery talk turn out. The conversation was stellar, full of good questions, thoughtful answers, stimulating ideas. And the number of sales from this show, something like sixteen or seventeen out of twenty-two pieces, was extraordinary. Like many things in life, what will happen once a show goes up is anybody's guess.

From Geoffrey Marsh:

Very Nice.

From Jill Breckenridge:

I could not be more pleased than I am with my show opening on April 1, 2011, Flowers: Art and Poetry in Counterpoint.

George is a fabulous curator, a welcoming host, and a person who is always ready and willing to help.

I can offer no complaints or suggestions for improvement. Not only was the process perfect, but I sold seventeen of my twenty-two paintings, a modern miracle!

All my best to George and Homewood!

Jill Breckenridge