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March 12, 2011

TALKABOUT - Debra Stone

Co-founder of the NorthSide Writers Group, recent participant in the Givens Black Writers Collaborative Retreat Program, short story writer, Debra Stone, appears in the Homewood Studios gallery as the fourth writer in our series.

Debra sends this description: I write all hours of the day and night in a tiny attic room with a view looking through tree branches onto the avenue below, a blond Pomeranian named Bear warms my toes. I write about community and people on the northside of Minneapolis and sometimes about adventures of travel, like the day I was photographed kissing the Sphinx in Giza. The people I write about don't always do the right thing but whatever choices are made I hope engage the reader. As a writer I like to experiment with narrative forms and points of view in my pieces; but most of all I love to write.

In my TalkAbout appearance, I will read from my collection of short stories (working title Russell Avenue: Northside).

A writing teacher once said to me, don't worry about writing about the truth, truth doesn't matter, just write about what you know. I'd like to engage our discussion about creating art from what we know.

The reading and conversation begins at 2p. Free and open. Bring a friend.