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November 4, 2010- November 30, 2010


Antonio Guerrero, a well-known and beloved poet in his native Cuba, is in jail in Colorado. He is one of the group of Cuban men known as The Cuban Five, arrested, accused and convicted of committing espionage on the United States government in 2001. Their story has become a cause celebre in many circles and positions on the Five's innocence or guilt vary wildly depending upon one's political views.

All this is background to Antonio's paintings. He began painting in prison, teaching himself and learning from other inmates. His work includes views of his immediate environment (Prison Cell Door, Prison Shirt), what he can see from his prison window (Colorado Mountains From Prison, Blue] and what he remembers of his home in Cuba [Road To Santiago].

The twenty-eight paintings in this show are making their way around the country, arriving here at Homewood Studios from a recent gallery show in New York City.

Opening Reception - Friday, November 5th from 6p to 9p

Gallery Talk - Tuesday, November 9th beginning at 7p - will focus on Guerrero's paintings, their content, technique and meaning

A Conversation on the Politics of Freedom in Cuba and the U.S - Friday, November 19th beginning at 7p

To read more about The Cuban Five and to view images of Antonio Guerrero's work, please go to http://www.freethefive.org/meet5/antonio.htm

Unlike most of our shows, From My Altitude began with obvious political content. Our intent was to accommodate the Minnesota Cuba Committee's goal of raising awareness of the Cuba Five and the attendant issues about freedom, constitutional rights and justice while at the same time focusing attention on Antonio Guerrero's heart-wrenching art.

We believe the goals were achieved all a round. At all events - the opening reception, gallery talk, community conversation and visits by local high school students - members of the Minnesota Cuba Committee joined with Homewood Studios folk to create a true learning atmosphere.

All of us discovered something new - whether it was a deeper understanding of the story of the Cuba Five or new ways of viewing and thinking about art. Those lessons were occasioned by the sincere, thoughtful and committed presence of individuals from several communities - including local residents, individuals committed to freeing the Cuba Five and to issues of freedom in our own country, school children, and Homewood Studios folk.

What we all discovered, and practiced, was the possibility, the ability of holding two or more competing or divergent ideas in front of us at the same time and not becoming judgmental. There were several opportunities for us to become polarized. It never happened. The presence of art allows us, teaches us, how to do this.